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Find your Printable HERE ~ ‎ This version includes music to keep you going during the workout! To …

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  • Lise King-Dooley 2 years ago

    In 15 years old and I’ve been doing your guys app since I was 11 and I got
    in good shape over the summer I just want to know is that good I keep it up

  • Felicia Rigby 2 years ago

    How many pounds are the weights ?

  • Rebecca's Makeup 2 years ago

    I love their new bikinis but they’re so expensive! :( 

  • Belinda Davies 2 years ago

    Love this workout!! My fav!!!

  • C&J Nutrition 2 years ago

    Arms feel like jelly = great workout! xx

  • snowbunnygaelach 2 years ago

    I can’t find the printable :/

  • The Candy 2 years ago

    I like this workout. Thank you.

  • Ms. Diane 2 years ago

    i used 5lb weights and im dying

  • Tiffany Hendra 2 years ago

    Becoming my fave arm workout! thanks girls! 

  • Rachel Oppelt 2 years ago

    Loved this

  • smekninga 2 years ago

    She is smiling and lovable while working out…and I make the ugliest faces
    while working out… x_x

  • Madina Djurabaeva 2 years ago

    I like doing these, but my neck starts hurting shortly after. What can I do
    to prevent that? Or is that a normal thing?

  • Kaci Collins 2 years ago

    I thought Kat was going to do Karenas arm routine? They said that in the
    bikini body video…

  • Jena H 2 years ago

    My arms feel like they’re about ready to fall off! Guess that means I had a
    great workout :)

  • Vy Huynh 2 years ago

    Wow loved it! Totaling burning right now! 

  • MISSYMINX261 2 years ago

    Karena you are gorgeous!! Your body looks even more amazing than ever. I
    really liked this routine but just a suggestion in the future could you
    take into consideration that most of us are probably using heavier weight
    so we cannot move as fast. Please use heavier weight so you are going at
    proper speed so we can follow along without stopping the video 10 times, it
    would just make it easier for us to follow. thank you! xoxo

  • kkstar1206 2 years ago

    Karena could you please tell me what pound weights you are using? I have 5
    lb weights is that okay to use? Also how many times per week should I be
    doing these arm workouts? Love that it’s only 10 minutes long! Getting
    married in 3 months and I think this arm routine is great! :) 

  • sallyburger 2 years ago

    paused at the video,she’s using 5 pounds

  • Monica Madrigal Beckford 2 years ago

    This is one of my fovourite arms workout. :)

  • Jackie H 2 years ago

    Great workout routine! :)

  • Diana Powell 2 years ago

    Is this a repeat 3 times routine? 

  • Damaris G 2 years ago

    Karena this was amazing! You kicked my butt!

  • Sophia Palomino 2 years ago

    I really like your top! Can you tell me where its from?

  • CSLT99 2 years ago

    Great arm workout thanks! Definitely feeling the burn! 

  • Krystle Martin 2 years ago

    Loved this routine, can’t wait to do it later. Karena, you look amazing!

  • Maddy Harvey 2 years ago

    Love that it was a standing routine for when my core and legs are really
    sore. :)

  • Bragan 2 years ago

    HOLY COW! This burned so much, I had to grab lighter weights to keep going!

  • Sheri Sisler Moneymaker 2 years ago

    Becoming my fave arm workout! thanks girls! 

  • sam swanson 2 years ago

    Nice workout! Did she get her lips done?

  • Mycailin Barton 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh this workout kills! My arms are screaming. 

  • Sara Buckley 2 years ago

    My favorite arm workout! I do it every week and can really feel it with
    just 5 lbs! Sometimes I’ll do 8 lbs

  • Catherine Richardson 2 years ago

    Excellent routine really burns – feels like a well invested 10 mins!

  • Diane Santiago 2 years ago

    Please keep posting complete workouts!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Belmonte 2 years ago

    Added this to the end of my cardio routine. Thank you! 

  • Amber tarkowski 2 years ago

    Great arm routine! <3

  • Gina Pagel 2 years ago

    How many sets of this should we do?

  • Yetsirah Contreras 2 years ago

    nice :D

  • TIUtigress 2 years ago

    I love this video but there’s just two things I think can be improved on
    next time: 1. Karena needs to include instructions for proper form. That
    makes a huge difference in results and prevents injury 2. She should also
    include suggestions for the amount of weight to use and why. Personally, I
    would love to know how heavy SHE lifts at home to get those amazing arms. 

  • Taylor Noel 2 years ago

    How heavy r her weights?? I’m using 7 Lb and it’s like impossible for me to
    do the wings:( 

  • Fer Lu 2 years ago

    Owww.. By the time we work shoulder my arms buuuurnnnn so bad jajajaja
    great great work out!

  • dozerdog8 2 years ago

    Question! I do not have any weights, but is it okay to use water bottles
    full of water instead? Anyone know if the workout would still be affective?

  • Kahley Madison 2 years ago

    Thanks for the workout! killer for tris and shoulders! :)

  • Elisa Chu 2 years ago

    It Helps Me A Lot: FullyGet ☾Ѻ♏

  • Jessica Gallavin 2 years ago


  • Ellie S 2 years ago

    Congrats!! One of the best routines you’ve done! And I love that is
    strictly arms without anything else cause frankly I’m too lazy.