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  • Carmm J 3 years ago

    You make working out look fun! I love your videos lady!

  • LiveLikeTim 3 years ago

    You are the BEST personal trainer in San Diego!!! You certainly know your
    stuff :-) With a butt like that you’re a shoe-in for first place…and
    overall! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for posting these videos. I do
    every one (my dance party isn’t quite as good as yours though 😉 For
    anyone that doesn’t know…all her clients place in NPC. Give her a shout
    if you want to take your training to the next level. But be ready to work!

  • Emily Reynolds 3 years ago

    It all depends on your goals. I say start out with hamstrings one day per
    week & then quads & calves the other day. Glutes can mix in with both days.

  • decep01 3 years ago

    hey you, ima still some oh your workouts lol

  • fitnessgurls 3 years ago

    Emily, it’s all about the BUTT!!!

  • Viktorija Kaminskaite 3 years ago

    how many times i should do all exercises, every day ?

  • Emily Reynolds 3 years ago

    @LiveLikeTim : Thanks :) I LOVE what I do & love to help people achieve
    their goals…all of their goals. Life is too short to not do everything we
    want !!!

  • LiveLikeTim 3 years ago

    Nice moves…and an awesome workout routine too!