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A Commentary tutorial and walkthrough of a San Diego – Ocean Beach Bikini photoshoot I did this past weekend. A How to shoot on the beach / How to Photograph…

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  • James Tepedino 4 years ago

    would wireless speedlites with softboxes held by your crew been another option

  • Graham Johnson 4 years ago

    How do you find your models?

  • SwiftGainzz 4 years ago

    Brilliant video and photos mate, well done.

  • elr2141979 4 years ago

    awesome job dude you should get a a99 I have one. your photos will look even better.

  • glockatory 4 years ago

    Great job man, as usual, much appreciate your videos.

  • rticknor 4 years ago

    Yeah, you are right, using assistants with 5 in 1 is very liberating; the group is very mobile, and the lighting can be adjusted instantaneously… And as long as your assistants are not afraid to get wet, you can place reflector light sources in places where a flash would not be safe.

    It was a very fun shoot :-)

  • Neo Pix 4 years ago

    Photos look really good dude! Useing a couple of assistants with 5 in 1’s looks really liberating and spontaneous as you experiment with different shots quickly and lots of laughs along the way too! Your video tips and narration great!

  • rticknor 4 years ago

    Hi; The model is a personal friend of mine. She needed a beach bikini photo to enter in to a ‘tanning’ related competition, so she called me up last week asking to do this type of shoot. She needed the photo right away; that’s why we are in on the beach in the middle of winter :-)

    The photos turned out great, so we may find other ways to use them.

  • cadmus777 4 years ago

    Did you have a particular goal in mind with this shoot, as in types of shots, framing for magazine copy etc.? Or was it just a case of a stunning model agreed to do it for you?? Was it a commercial shoot essentially I guess…

  • rticknor 4 years ago

    We were on the beach about 1 hour, 30 minutes. The sky was clear, so we were not going to get a spectacular sunset, and although it looks warm, was quite chilli, so we left before the sun went down. 

  • GiacomoC 4 years ago

    Helpful video. Thanks.
    How long did the shoot take?

  • TheTattboy 4 years ago

    Awsome. I live 5 miles from the beach & love shooting there. Keep the vids coming, very helpful.

  • MrMisterYSL 4 years ago

    very helpful

  • rticknor 4 years ago

    Thank you! Yeah, the model was stunningly beautiful! :-)

  • VedranSopot 4 years ago

    Great pictures and great model!:)