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Here’s a simple and sexy abs workout to help get you sexy abs and a nice stomach. You’ll do three exercises: Ball Crunches, Rotating Planks, and Ball Raises….

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  • sparklecakes18 3 years ago

    Mmm them tittayssss

  • LandSnipe415 3 years ago

    Well then what the yell are you doing w/your right hand? Too much info,
    Bro. Jus’ sayin’.

  • BENNYTOYS 3 years ago

    Omfg THINK… I’m in love XD…. she’s so hot nd beautiful …

  • Angelspasspur 3 years ago


  • gimmydaboss 3 years ago

    This is porn.

  • GirlsBeautyGuide101 3 years ago

    You should buy a “big inflatable green ball!”

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  • Razorback2088 3 years ago

    Nice stomach workout. Really nice looking stomach!!!

  • summeryh wz 3 years ago

    i wanna fuk you

  • Simon Phoenix 3 years ago

    Gotta do some home workout before parents get home. Wheres my lube…….i
    mean dumbells

  • Facundo4441 3 years ago

    Que lindas mujeres tiene EE.UU..Muy bien un saludo para todas ellas
    entonces !

  • Gunbladewarrior 3 years ago

    Yet funny.

  • realgunta 3 years ago

    whats the stomach vacuum exercise??

  • JonnyJon 3 years ago


  • Elvis Sanchez 3 years ago

    You have an insane body , as close as perfection as it gets ,thank you for
    your time to show us what you know , you are a dreamy :) keep up the good
    work :)

  • SuperRoccosexhot 3 years ago


  • war0991 . 3 years ago

    hot hot

  • yoloabbs 3 years ago

    wow! please make a video of you flexing you abbs.

  • Player 3 years ago

    god dammit

  • youseetoo 3 years ago

    I falling in love!! :)

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  • ogkachris78 3 years ago

    Omg you so sexy gurl

  • POWERLIFTINGRAW 3 years ago

    I love you, lol

  • 7RonaldoM 3 years ago

    this video is more like penis work out than abs workout lol

  • MrFornicater 3 years ago

    Damnit she changed her bikini haha

  • Lorenzo Dontello 3 years ago

    Coryn, why did u not go on a nude beach? Guaranteed more viewers ..

  • roberta1272 3 years ago

    I fukked the shit out of the replay Button

  • Eddwin Rodriguez 3 years ago

    wow Coryn.. I want to date you =))

  • freeze00000 3 years ago

    shut up ya fuckkong idiot

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  • SERGIO VERGARA 3 years ago

    DAAAAAAAAAAAM really from 0 to 100 on beauty she is like not less than 90

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    then go get one?

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