Added by on February 27, 2014 Check out this top of the line 1934 Ford woodie hot rod photographed at Moonlght State Beach in Encinitas with SoCal Beaches Mag…

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  • SixSpeedSS 3 years ago

    Awesome ride, and gorgeous girl, WOW. Melany’s yummy. That’s one of the
    nicest Woodies I’ve ever seen. Great engine choice too.

  • Lee Goins 3 years ago

    what a slut….

  • grigsolve 3 years ago

    He said he’s shot a lot of woodies

  • tony kirouac 3 years ago

    If you want to shoot my car or share my car I would appriciate that. I have
    a 1973 camaro tuned strictly for autocross racing. 

  • grigsolve 3 years ago

    She damn near pulled those panties off.

  • hindflight R 3 years ago

    Melanie’s short attention span was waning and she almost took her bottoms
    off @ 0:19.. 

  • AlainHubert 3 years ago

    2:30 to 2:32 Yawn. Just another boring day at work…. lol

  • YocInfluenced925er 3 years ago

    fuck i thought this was Norteno Woodie from the Yoc

  • john harmon 3 years ago

    Melanie is very hot /////////

  • Edmund Charles 3 years ago

    1934- the height of the Great Depression, few Americans had any money to
    afford anything, less a new Ford vehicle.

  • mescko 3 years ago

    535 bhp? Where? At the crank with no parasitic and powertrain losses
    calculated? What a useless number. A gross horsepower number is an
    “I’ve-got-a-big-dick” number, off the wheels is the only number that means
    squat. And you can keep Bald Beach Bimbo. Blech!! 

  • TheEdTeach 3 years ago

    what a coincidence, I just got a woody watching this….LOL…

  • Gohot229 3 years ago

    old guys letching on young chicks. the usual
    . Total poser.

  • fatso5131 3 years ago

    The car is sick but I think i would rather have Melony… Damn girl…

  • MARK BREAUX 3 years ago

    0:29 – 0:37 keeeeeep goin…..

  • rnasap 3 years ago

    Now I know why they call it a: “Woodie” Curious what Melon-EE has under
    the hood. 

  • Secureours 3 years ago

    pause it at 2:31 and know she can handle any woodie…..maybe even 2 or 3
    at a time!

  • leopold klop 3 years ago

    She got a sweet little belly !

  • watajob 3 years ago

    She sure is.

  • Donald Ross 3 years ago

    And on the 8th day, God created California beaches and woodies.

  • George S 3 years ago

    A great combination…

    The 427 Engine in a 1934 Ford…. What combination were you thinking

    Just listen to that Engine…. OH YA !!

  • Classic Cars & Hot Rods 3 years ago

    One of the BEST Woodies of all time!

    Mr. Michael Murphy takes a minute
    to talk about one of the best all time woodie
    hot rod conversions with the 1934 classic

  • james31615 3 years ago

    Might as well pull down it pantysss

  • RJSoftware2000 3 years ago

    Oh shame for shame… what you talking bout fool…?

  • Lynn Claughton 3 years ago

    Forget about buying this car, everybody wants to date Melanie!!! What a way
    to dress up (or dress down) a car for sale ad. Melanie..I need you for my
    car add soon please.!!

  • 28power68 3 years ago

    Dick: Click here Me: Ok Dick: Thanks!

  • James Owens 3 years ago

    It’s about the car.

  • SummerBeachGames 3 years ago

    She’s hot..she wants to take it off

  • amyhuk 3 years ago

    they put the girl in there so you dont have to feel left out that you dont
    have a woodie

  • MARTIN JOSUE 3 years ago

    Just pull it down and take the car our

  • TruthStub 3 years ago

    I’m getting a woody right now

  • fiddlerpin 3 years ago

    What car all I see is boobs

  • Mopar Volkswagen 3 years ago

    damn it….

  • olivier oliver 3 years ago

    melany les homos ne savent pas ce qu ils perde!!!!!!

  • tfeverfred 3 years ago

    LOL I was waiting for her bottom to slide down. One more inch and she would
    have let the cat out.

  • James Owens 3 years ago

    You bet and I’ll bet she has a high and tight hair doo.

  • dan parga 3 years ago

    What an awsome box!

  • thomas rice 3 years ago

    i was just waiting for her hand to slip and pull down that suit lol

  • pjeter49 3 years ago

    She could be standing in front of a garbage truck for all I care! Damn!

  • Lena Mitic 3 years ago

    Did anyone actualy see the car,or just her boobs??

  • dLimboStick 3 years ago

    Butter face.

  • MonsterCawk P 3 years ago

    I love whores like her.